21 Tips for World Kindness Day

By Kate Love

21 Small Acts of Kindness Ideas

Kindness is what makes the world go around. It connects us and can change somebody’s day (and even life). Here are 21 simple acts of kindness that you can try:

  1. Feed a parking meter–Give someone the gift of extra time.

  2. Donate blood–Your generosity could save a life.

  3. Help with a chore–Offer to lift, deliver or fix something for a friend.

  4. Pay for an extra coffee–There’s nothing like a free latte to brighten anyone’s morning.

  5. Start a community garden–Connect with your neighbours over a vegetable patch.

  6. Write a gratitude letter–Express your appreciation with a thank you note.

  7. Ask an elderly person about their past–You might be surprised by what you learn.

  8. Take time to really listen to a friend–Sit down and listen, really listen.

  9. Make a small present for someone–Knit, carve or paint a gift from the heart.

  10. Volunteer at a local charity–Give a helping hand to your community.

  11. Give a genuine compliment–Don’t just think it, say it.

  12. Hold the door open–Little things matter.

  13. Smile at someone new–You might just make their day (and yours!)

  14. Organise a cleanup party–Pick up litter at your local park or beach.

  15. Be polite on the road–Lift your hand from the steering wheel for a friendly wave.

  16. Hold a fundraiser–Find a cause you believe in and support it.

  17. Share a book you’ve enjoyed reading–Share the wisdom of other people’s words.

  18. Donate stuff that you no longer need–Live simply.

  19. Text someone good morning or goodnight–Remind them that they are in your thoughts.

  20. Use a Kindness Card–Do an anonymous act of kindness and leave a card to pass it on.

  21. Allow someone to help you–Give them the boost they need.

Remember, no act is too small. And practicing kindness gives you a happiness boost too.

Words by Kate Love