How to Find Success When You’re on a Shoestring

By Lauren Verona

Success with Soul

Ask anyone who's launched a startup-with-soul or unleashed a heart-centred product or service how it all began, and they will tell you, "It all began with a burning passion and a sense of purpose."

Pretty motivational, right?

Yes! But how far do passion and purpose get you? How do you launch a business and maintain growth when you have a whole lot of passion and not a lot of funds?

Business is a lot like life.

It all begins with that initial seed of an idea. That spark of energy that lights your flame. And it grows to become a realisation that you won't rest until you share your gift. It compels you forward to nurture that seed until it eventually sprouts into your new venture.

And then you realise how much work there is to do.

That initial burst of energy starts things off at an all-time high and then BOOM - You are hit by the reality of what you need to get done. This is when you realise how much you didn’t know, and frighteningly, how much money you will need to get through that ever-expanding to-do list. At this point, you may feel like success is a very long and expensive way away.

But that depends on how you frame success.

Put it Out There

The first marker of success is putting it out to the world, and it’s an occasion to be celebrated. Tell somebody, tell everybody. Shout it, share it, scream it to the universe. The best time to start doing this is Right Now. Yes, start doing it as you read this article. Why not? Just saying the words out loud can instantly make you feel like you have something you can hold onto. 

Ditch the Limiting Beliefs

The four most destructive words in the world of new business are, "I’m not good enough”. We will always have those doubts, fears and negative self-talk swirling around in our head. We may never be able to silence it, but we can reframe it. Consider that not everyone needs to like you because not everyone needs to be your customer. Your purpose is not to make everyone happy, but instead to work in the area that you are passionate about and hone in on that niche. When you are in tune with your customer and their specific needs and pain points, then you are in flow, and everything becomes easy. You are in service.

Do what You Love and People will Love What You do

“How will I make enough money to survive?” is one of the most common worries when you first break free of the security of the 9-5 and go out on your own. But it’s important to believe that when you find what you’re meant to be doing the money will flow. This may sound overly simple, but think about it for a minute. When you are working in the area of your talents and sharing the gift or your knowledge, you are in your highest energy. 

And it’s easy to be in this state because you genuinely believe in what you are doing. You’re not trying to flog something to someone in a half-hearted way. People are drawn to this energy. If you love your product, your service or your business the customers can smell it. They are attracted to you because they can see how much you love what you are doing - and they want to get some of it!

Share your Talents

Today, too many people are physically, mentally and spiritually unwell - and they need help. They need guidance on finding the path to wellness and living a better life.

You have an amazing gift that may just have a life-changing impact on someone. And yes, you have the potential to make money out of it, to be abundant even. But what’s most important is that you are sharing your talents for the good of others. You may heal someone. What could be better than that? When that moment happens for the first time, stand in your grace and recognise what you have achieved. Without a doubt, it will feel like success, and you will be compelled to do more of it.

Claiming Success

When you wake up in the morning do you feel fulfilled? Are you content? Yes? That is success! Try spending a day with that mindset, and you may just experience something life-changing. You are in service. And you are already successful.

Words by Lauren Verona

Yoga Teacher, Business Owner, Motivational Speaker, Mentor

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