What do You Desire?

By Dr Lauren Tober

How to Live a Life in Full Alignment with Your Heartfelt Desires

I’ve been consciously creating a life of meaning and purpose for myself and supporting others on their paths for many years. However it wasn’t until I met Dr Richard Miller and began the journey into iRest Yoga Nidra that I heard the term ‘heartfelt desires,’ and fully realised the potency and importance of living a life fully and unashamedly aligned with our heartfelt desires.

Heartfelt desires are your dharma.

They are your soul’s innate desire or purpose in life.

They are your personal calling, your values or your philosophy on life.

It is life living its highest purpose through you, as its unique and personal expression.

When we live a life in accordance with our heartfelt desires, we are living a life that is in accordance with the natural flow of the universe, and it results in happiness and harmony for ourselves and the entire universe.

Heartfelt desires are not goals. Goals are things you can do, then you tick them off your list and you’re done.

Heartfelt desires are more like values.  They’re ways of being.  You can never tick them off your list and be done with them. You live them on a moment-by-moment basis.

What are your heartfelt desires?

What do you truly desire more than anything else in life?

My heartfelt desires are love, truth, grace and ease.

I’d love to hear what your deepest heartfelt desires are. 

Words by Dr Lauren Tober
Originally posted on Lauren Tober

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