About Byron Magazine

We're not about the nine-to-five grind. 
Forget about material success. 
Forget about 'fitting in.'
We're not about sleeping our way through this wonderful life. 
We're about connection. 
Connection to self. 
Connection to each other. 
Connection to nature. 

Byron Magazine is about finding a new way. 
This is the Bay Way.


We CONNECT to ourselves when we delve into the relationship with the self, our community and the global village and aspire to grow.

We EXPLORE the world around us, from the sunny shores of beautiful Byron to vibrant cities, natural wonderlands and awesome adventures.

We INSPIRE with a deep exploration of yoga, meditation and poetry to bring true purpose and cultivate mindfulness for a fulfilling life.

Who We Are

We have come together with a vision to share the essence of the
Byron lifestyle beyond the shores of the Shire, we are here to
inspire you to live more mindfully, sustainably and passionately.

How We Do It

All of our content is absolutely free!
We are a community of writers, filmmakers and creatives.
No ads. No subscriptions. Just stories.

Kate Love
managing Editor

What I do: Writer, Editor, Counsellor and Volunteer at Women's Homeless Shelter
What I love: Fun adventures, my groodle Honey and making a positive difference
Who I work with: National Geographic, Huffington Post, and Uplift

Jessica Humphries
managing Editor

What I do: Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Studio Owner
What I love: Yoga, spending time with my family and friends, nature adventures and living simply
Who I work with: Australian Yoga Journal,  Lonely Planet and Uplift 

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Azriel Re'Shel, azriel re'shel

What I do: Writer, Yoga Teacher and Healing Facilitator
What I love: My four beautiful children, Hawaiian Hula dancing and animals, especially cats
Who I work with: Uplift and the Crystal Castle

Binky Harvey-Jones, Binky Films

What I do: Filmmaker, Graphic Designer and Editor
What I love: Mexican food, surfing and camping
Who I work with: Psychwire and the NSW Department of Education

Ashleigh Wilson

What I do: Writer and Social Media Manager
What I love: My chihuahua Podrick, travelling and nights in with a book and a cup of tea
Who I work with: Uplift 

Kelly Alexander, RAW by NATURE

What I do: Content Creator, Raw Vegan Chef, Health Coach and Published Author
What I love: Yoga, spontaneous travel, sunrise, whimsical words, mangoes, plants, tea and chickpeas
Who I work with: Yovada, The Yoga Nomads, The Kula Collective and Vikasa

kat tucker and bodhi Whitaker, the breathe project

What we do: We aim to have one simple breathing technique, embedded into all Australian primary and secondary schools for just 3 minutes each day
What we love: To explore and express our power and gifts while empowering the world
Who we work with: The Breathe Project

Dr Lauren Tober, Lauren Tober

What I do: Clinical Psychologist, Life Coach and Yoga Teacher
What I love: Health, healing, happiness and integrating the best of Western psychology with ancient yogic wisdom
Who I work with: Centre for Mind Body Wellness and Capturing Gratitude

Rachel Zinman, Rachel zinman yoga

What I do: Yoga Teacher, Director and Author of Yoga for Diabetes
What I love: I am absolutely passionate about Yoga, it’s true meaning and message
Who I work with: Rachel Zinman Yoga

Delamay Devi, Delamay Devi

What I do: Yoga and embodiment teacher offering transformational retreats, inspirational trainings and supportive mentorship. Creator of Devi Designs - Goddess inspired jewellery and ethical clothing
What I love: 
Movement, astrology, nature, tea, raw chocolate, music, ritual, culture and travel
Who I work with:
New and long time yoga students and teachers, studios and festivals across the world, Shiva Rea and Samudra Global School for Living Yoga

Denby Sheather, denby sheather

What I do: Shamanic facilitator, yoga therapist, animal communicator, planetary healer, published author
What I love: The ocean, whales (and all animals), crystals, anything eco-friendly, indigenous culture, traveling, dreaming, writing and mango gelato
Who I work with: Yoga Spirit Journeys, Breathing Space Yoga and Living Ocean Yoga

Samantha Doyle, live to serve

What I do: I up-skill health professionals with yoga, Ayurveda and business
What I love: Literally everything #passioncase
Who I work with: Health professionals and women who are determined to make a difference

Katie Manitsas

What I do: Teach yoga and Ayurveda, write, practice as a doula 
What I love: My four sons!  Making kombucha, chanting mantra
Who I work with: Many yoga studios all over NSW, Rockpool Publishing, Australian Doula College 

Ana Davis, Bliss Baby Yoga

What I do: Yoga Teacher, Writer, Mother 
What I love: Yoga, reading, cooking, gardening, and copious cups of tea in bed 
Who I work with: Bliss Baby Yoga—a wonderful crew of women's health yoga teachers and experts 

Carrie-Anne Fields, my health yoga

What I do: Director of My Health Yoga Studios, My Health Yoga Online, My Health Yoga TV and My Health Association
What I love: Dogs, yoga, good vegan food
Who I work with: Angels - a team of both Celestial and Earth Angels - couldn’t run our business without them!

Lorien Waldron, Wholesome Loving Goodness

What I do: Holistic Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle Consultant, Yoga Teacher, Plant-based Wholefood Educator, 'Food Doula' for new Mamas and Author
What I love: Ayurveda, yoga, chi gong, dancing, art, writing, nature, photography, spiritual growth, travel, cooking and teaching
Who I work with: People seeking to transform the way they eat, feel and live

Sarah ball, sarah ball

What I do: Counsellor, Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer. Art Therapist. Social Worker.  
What I love: Raspberries, friendship, solitude, wild spaces, long walks, laughter. 
Who I work with: The University of Wollongong. Self-employed in Yoga for Mental Health and Private Practice (Counselling). Off The Mat, Into The World Australia

erin bourne, aloka

What I do:  I teach! I’m a facilitator on yoga and pilates teacher trainings, I teach anatomy, yoga, pilates and other movement modalities. I also write for several publications.
What I love: So many things! I love to learn, particularly about the body and how it works. I love to share what I learn. I love to yoga and oh how I love to surf, let my hair down at punk gigs and eat out on Sunday mornings. I love my dog, and pretty much anyone els’s dogs, nature, travel and life in general.
Who I work with: A wide variety of humans, from 70 year old private students to school groups and everyone in between. Passionate, experienced yogis to gym junkies who just want to ‘stretch’; yoga teachers and aspiring teachers, I’m lucky to work with them all.